Our Mission:   
     The mission of the Clay County Business Development Authority  is to promote cooperative partnerships between County government,  public agencies, the private business sector and citizens’ groups in order to support  community and economic development efforts that result in the greatest possible benefit for all citizens.

Board Of Directors:

William "Bill" Dunn

Roberta Shearer Faile
Vice President

Debra Saulsgiver

Terri Smith

Roger Hanshaw
Shawn Bass
H. Lee Ramsey
Linda Rhodes
Brent Spradling
Arlene Tucker
Brandon Keiper
Mitch DeBoard
Damon Grose
David Falls


Clay County Business Development Authority    




Building a better Clay County for today, and tomorrow... 




Clay County Business Development Authority

 300 Center Street

 Clay, West Virginia 25043



Clay County Business Development Authority





Meeting Agenda December 1, 2014

 Carol’s Restaurant

6:00 pm


Dinner will be at 6:00 followed by business meeting


1.            Call to Order

2.            Minutes of previous meeting

3.            Treasurer’s Report

4.            Finalization of Request for Proposal document

5.            Election of Officers for 2015

























For further assistance, or to inquire about how to become a member, please contact us at:  i304-587-4166 or email info@claywvbda.org

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